What are Yoga Pants?

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are pants that have been specifically designed for use during yoga practice. They can be used for any kinds of exercise or aerobic activity, and some people wear them as their everyday casual pants.

Yoga pants were designed to be extremely flexible, form fitting, and easy to move in. For these reasons yoga pants are very comfortable, and you will find many people who live in their yoga pants day to day.

Many yoga pants have been designed with style in mind, there are numerous yoga pants designs with design features such as embroidery – and they come in a wide range of colours.

What fabric is best for Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants can be made from a wide variety of fabrics from cotton and lycra, to spandex and wool.

Cotton yoga pants are the most popular fabric for yoga pants as they allow your skin to breathe and this prevents chafing due to excessive sweating. They are also easy to care for and last a long time, surviving many washes. They also allow for the flexibility required when practicing yoga.

You can also grab organic cotton yoga pants, which are becoming more popular.

Length of Yoga Pants

There are a few different lengths and styles of yoga pants.

There are long yoga pants, capris (3/4 length) or short yoga pants.

Each style is popular; in colder climates longer yoga pants are preferred.

Yoga Capri pants are perfect for people living in warmer climates who aren’t comfortable in shorter yoga pants.

Short yoga pants are popular as well in warmer climates, and perfect for intense workouts where you work up a sweat.

Overall, it really is personal preference as to which style of yoga pants you choose to wear.

You can find yoga pants in both slim fitting and loose fitting; slim fitting is preferred by many as it allows for smooth transitions between yoga poses. Tight yoga pants are gaining popularity.

Popular Yoga Pants Brands

Some popular brands that produce yoga pants include;

  • Pink yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret
  • Marika yoga pants from Marika.com

You can find yoga pants for women as well as men’s yoga pants.

The best yoga pants are ones that you feel comfortable, whether they be high end yoga pants or a cheaper variety of yoga pants. Yoga pants are all about a great fit, so ensure you find the perfect size and style that fit you perfectly.


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